Wine is constant proof that God loves us and loves to see us

This is the essence of our philosophy, of the way we live, and the way we make our wine. It makes world a better place, drop by drop.

Saints Hills For Kids is our way to say ‘Thank You’ to Nature, to our vineyard, to Sun and Sea.

About Us

Saints Hills Winery is a boutique Croatian winery, founded in 2006, with the purpose to make premium Croatian wine, grown only in the best positions, Croatian „first growths“. We are Ivana and Ernest Tolj, two people in love with each other, and sharing the same dream. Together with our 4 kids, we believe that the Truth is in the bottle, and we believe in the honesty of wine. We love wine, we love music, we love people, we love traveling - we love life. In one moment we decided to make art from all those things, and it was our wine. We were led only by the passion for the idea, and only the best things were good enough. That is how "Ernest Tolj Dingač" was created.

The Dingač

Dingač, the most appreciated appellation in Croatia. Plavac mali has been grown here for centuries, on a very steep terraces overviewing the sea cultivated by hand only. The yields are naturally very small too. If the grape wasn´t a pure gift from God, no fool would ever do such a hard work for such a little yield. But the reward is enormous. The wine is telling you the story of terroir: the feet of vineyard are soaking in the beautiful sea, while the stony chest and head are absorbing the benefits from sun and wind.

tolj the idea

As we were making our Dingač, we learned that sometimes we get something that is even more special, and it makes magic in the barrel. It was a very small quantity of wine and we vinified it separately and saved it under a special name: Ernest Tolj Dingač. This wine is truly personal, for us it has no price. Each berry that got into the barrel went through our fingers, and these particular berries decided to perform wonder. It is a few hundred bottles of love each year, and we decided to share it with the world, with a special task: to make it a better place.

Charity Project

This E.T. Dingač became a charity project. We wanted it to enter the market the only way possible for love: to help the ones that can’t help themselves. We started our Saints Hills for Kids project with our first auction in Munich in November 2013, where all the earnings were donated to Children's Home in Nazorova, Zagreb.

We still
go on

Through the years we have donated to many Croatian and international Children's homes, some hospitals, or individuals in need. With great love and help from our Ernest Tolj wine-lovers, we created a beautiful network of angels, combining this wine with friendship and spreading the goodness where it was needed. We are continuing with this project, and making it bigger: it needs to grow, and make more kids smile.